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News Herald Story on us appearing on A&E Channel

Posted by Julie on March 9, 2010 at 8:13 PM Comments comments (0)

As many of you have been brought to our website by the recent news article in the News-Herald, we thought we would reprint it up for the many people outside of the upper northeastern ohio area to read.  Dave and I are thrilled to have this opportunity to share our thoughts and crediable evidence with everyone!!  We will post an immediate update when it will air!!  Until later, Happy Hauntings to everyone!!!  Julie Keller and Dave Mackie

The News Herald (, Serving Northern Ohio


Area ghost hunters to be featured on A&E show Tuesday, March 9, 2010

By Cassandra Shofar

[email protected]

Ghosts are their forte, but it's a full-body apparition of a confederate soldier they claim to have caught on picture that has the A&E television network interested in them.


Julie Keller of Wadsworth and Dave Mackie of Painesville Township — a paranormal scientific and research investigation team known as The Spirit Stalkers of Ohio — are flying out to Los Angeles on Saturday morning to tape a show called "My Ghost Story" on A&E, which is set to air sometime in April, Keller said.


"We had taken a picture back in 2006 and we ended up getting a full apparition of a confederate soldier at the Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg, Pa.," she said. "We did (also) pick up two EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) when we were out there in Gettysburg and it was a small child."


Keller said she and Mackie, her boyfriend, are going to explain what they caught, where they were and narrate most of their segment.


"They wanted to have something that we did out of our bounds," Keller said. "We've been (to Gettysburg) seven or eight times over the seven years we've been doing this. ... That's what fascinated them, we were doing this out of our pure pleasure."


Mackie, who took the photo being shown, said that at first, he didn't see anything in the original photo besides a real person that was standing on the bridge. However, upon a closer look, he noticed a vague outline of a leg and possibly a torso.


"So I lightened up the picture and lo and behold, there he was," Mackie said, adding with any photo they have, they usually have a comparison photo just to validate the authenticity and in this case, took a similar one with two girls standing in it to show the difference.


"Spirits are transparent, so the flash won't reflect off of it," he said.


"The head and neck are off center to his shoulders, it was 74 degrees that night ... he had long pants, long sleeved shirt and he is wearing an ammunition (belt), possibly a hat and some type of satchel around his waist. If you zoom in on his face, he has no eyeballs, he has eye sockets."


He added, "He's standing in a very peculiar position, hand on his waist. You can't tell what direction he's walking in. ... It looks like he's walking away from us, but his upper torso is 180 degrees turned looking at the camera. I wouldn't put it past the paranormal. I've seen stranger things."


The couple also photographed a ball of light moving around in the wheat field in Gettysburg, which they also will be taking with them for the show, Mackie said.


"I'm anxious to get there, I'm anxious to do the show. It's something I've always wanted to do," he said.


Keller added, "In all reality too, we are just happy and excited just to share our thoughts and our evidence just so we can say, 'Hey there's proof of the afterlife.' "


Keller and Mackie investigate commercial, residential and abandoned locations believed to be haunted all over Ohio and nearby states.


They also take on many locations known for their rumors and legends and determine what is actually to be a true haunting based through historical references as well with their scientific equipment and knowledge, Keller said.


"We also help the residential population understand how to deal more with a haunting that we have investigated in their homes," she said.


"As of the beginning of January, we are currently helping three separate residents from Geauga, Lake and Cuyahoga counties. We also give lectures on the paranormal to the Lake Erie College."


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Up coming Mansfield Reformatory Investigation

Posted by Julie on November 12, 2009 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (2)

On the same day as our upcoming lecture, Friday November 13th (What a great superstitous day), we have been asked to be part of a few groups to stay overnight and investigate the haunted "Mansfield Reformatory Prison."  We will be touring for the first hour and half with the staff of the Reformatory and 30 investigators from all over the nearby states of Ohio and possibly a few groups from Ohio.  Some groups are coming as far as Chicago, IL, which is who is hosting this event.  Around 10:30ish p.m. till 5 a.m. Dave and I will be able to investigate alone the prison on our own.  Since there are only 30 people attending, chances are we will not encounter them throughout the night.  It is a massive many places to investigate.  So we will post our findings and updates about the investigation this weekend.

Lake Erie College

Posted by Julie on November 11, 2009 at 3:39 PM Comments comments (0)

We are very excited that we have been asked to be the guest speakers for a class at Lake Erie College.  We will share our techniques, equipment, paranormal evidence, and stories to the class.  We are also planning a quick tour of  "what we call" the Most Haunted Building in Lake County, which is on the Lake Erie College Campus.  Morley Music Hall.  Be advised that unless you have permission from the College President Michael T. Victor, you cannot have access to investigate any buildings on campus grounds.  I will post update to let everyone know how the lecture went over with the class.


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